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a coil of wire around an iron core

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An electromagnetic force is generated if a current is applied to the solenoid coil. At the same time, the pressure supplied by the supply port generates the hydraulic force that moves the spool in a forward direction.
The proposed configuration is practically implemented using solenoid coils and tested to verify the simulation results.
3) generated by the electromagnet is a typical magnetic field of a solenoid coil. The distribution was measured by traversing a Hall probe (Gauss meter) through the inner space of the solenoid coil without the test piece in place.
PWM is a method for very efficiently varying the average voltage applied to the solenoid coil, in response to control parameters.
The second involves positioning a steel matrix, such as a metal mesh, directly in a uniform magnetic field that is generated by an electromagnetic solenoid coil. Consequently, this matrix amplifies the magnetic field and converges the lines of flux to produce localized regions of extremely high magnetic field intensity.
The 700 features additional deep finning on three sides, ensuring rapid heat dissipation and maximising solenoid coil life expectancy and reliability.
There's an internal 24-v DC solenoid coil that eliminates the need for additional values.
A cost-cutting solenoid coil relies on a high-performance polyamide and thermoplastic encapsulation technology to stand up to the very demanding environment of an inert isolation valve used in laboratory, industrial equipment and instrumentation applications.
* A solenoid coil that operates an armature pin, which directly impacts the spool mechanism to shift the valve.
The 700 features additional deep finning o n three sides, ensuring rapid heat dissipation and maximising solenoid coil life expectancy and reliability.
Sporlan enlisted Wabash Magnetics to provide the new solenoid coil system.
The GPO 130 proportional pressure regulating valve is offered in two basic ranges dictated by the solenoid coil selected.