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Additionally, using detailed morphological data collected from these two genera of Dondersiidae (summarized in Table 2) plus two outgroup taxa, we conducted a cladistic morphological analysis to examine the utility of characters related to hard parts and body shape and proportions in reconstructing Solenogastres phylogeny.
Color bands have been reported for one other Solenogastres species, Anamenia amabilis Saito and Salvini-Plawen, 2010, from off Japan.
The fused, single duct that joins the ducts of the paired ventrolateral foregut glands in Dondersia is found in other Solenogastres genera with monostichous and polystichous radulae (Nierstrasz, 1905; Scheltema et al.
If there are few specimens or only one (some 14% of Solenogastres genera are monotypic, some represented with only a holotype, and many species are described from a single specimen, often a juvenile) there is a large chance that descriptions based only on internal anatomy and an inadequately examined scleritome may not hold for all future collections of related or conspecific specimens.
In an expanded form, it could serve as the basis for a cladistic analysis of Solenogastres (cf.
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Foregut glands of Solenogastres (Mollusca): anatomy and revised terminology.
Feinmorphologische Untersuchungen an Sinnesstrukturen ursprunglicher Solenogastres (Mollusca).
The nervous system and subradular organ in two genera of Solenogastres.
Zur Morphologie und Phylogenie der Mollusken: die Beziehungen der Caudofoveata und der Solenogastres als Aculifera, als Mollusca und als Spiralia.
Antarktische und subantarktische Solenogastres (eine Monographie 1898-1974).
General sketch of the development in a Solenogastre, Epimenia verrucosa (Nierstrasz).