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Soleirolia soleirolii (right), by which it is known botanically, is a creeping perennial, so you need to get rid of every plant, roots and all.
1852 Si Fuss Urticaceae Soleirolia soleirolii (Req.
Beat the hosepipe ban with your pick of plants that love a dry summer Low-growing green plants such as soleirolia soleirolii, or mind your own business, work well with bright showy and spiky flowers' Pink dahlias match the sun loungers in this city garden' Big spiky plants such as Agave Amenirana cope well with a drought' Red and pink gerbera daisies continue the colour theme' Sculptured succulent Aeonium Schwarzkopf is a real eye-catcher Pictures: GARDEN PICTURE LIBRARY/ CLIVE NICHOLS/ GAP
There is a wonderful variegated form of this and you would need to ask for Helxine, although the botanists have now changed this to Soleirolia soleirolii Aurea.
Tip LINE hanging baskets with the mind your own business plant, soleirolia ?