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Clupeidae > Engraulidae > Carangidae > Cynoglossidae > Tetraodontidae Teraponidae > Mugilidae > Atherinidae > Synodontidae > Ophichthidae > Pristigastridae > Chirocentridae > Scombridae > Gerreidae > Soleidae > Bothidae > Pleuronectidae > Hemiramphidae
the use of the common name of cutlip, rather than of cutlips, minnow; the use of Sander instead of Stizostedion for the genus name of the walleye; the use of Atherinopsidae instead of Atherinidae for the family name of the inland silverside; and the use of Achiridae instead of Soleidae for the family name of the hogchoker).
Laborious research tells me that true soles belong to the family Soleidae and are dextral fish, meaning they have eyes on the right hand side.
Estudio de la distribucion y abundancia larvaria de las familias Bothidae, Soleidae y Cynoglosidae (Pisces: Pleuronectiformes) en el sur del Golfo de Mexico (1983-1984).
Comparative study of sexual cycles, oogenesis and spawning of two Soleidae, Solea lascaris (Risso, 1810) and Solea impar (Bennet, 1831), on the western coast of Brittany.
2001); Soleidae, Martinez-Munoz & Ortega- Cynoglossidae) Salas (2010).