Solea solea

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highly valued as food

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90 mm)), en tanto que son ligeramente menores a Solea solea (0.
Contribucion al estudio de la sexualidad del lenguado Solea solea (Linneo, 1758) (Pisces, Soleidae).
Estudio del dimorfismo sexual en el lenguado, Solea solea (Linneo, 1758) (Pisces, Soleidae), de las costas de Castellon (Mediterraneo occidental).
Chemical nature of feeding stimulants for the juvenile Dover sole, Solea solea (L.
Effect of starvation on RNA-DNA and protein content of laboratory-reared larvae and juveniles of Solea solea.
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Using oocyte size to assess seasonal ovarian development in Solea solea (L.
Methods to assess maturity and realized fecundity illustrated by studies on Dover sole Solea solea.
The geographical variatien in the potential fecundity of Dover sole Solea solea (L) from European Shelf edge waters during 1991.
In this study, Cox regression models for fixed and time dependent explanatory variables were studied for Solea solea under culture conditions.
Key words: Cox regression model, survival analysis, common sole, Solea solea, fishing methods, hormone treatments.
Seasonal distribution, growth, and ecological role of the juvenile sole, Solea solea L.
For instance, the egg volume of the pelagic spawners Engraulis anchoita and Solea solea decreases 23% and 38%, respectively, throughout the spawning season (Ciechomski, 1973; Rijnsdorp and Vingerhoed, 1994).
The ecological significance of geographical and seasonal differences in egg size in sole Solea solea (L.