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Solea is usually accompanied by one guitarist only.
Fatal asphyxiation in two long-finned pilot whales (Globicephala melas) caused by common soles (Solea solea).
Effect of photoperiod on growth and survival during rearing of larvae and juveniles of sole (Solea solea).
Very early weaning of common sole (Solea solea L.) larvae by means of different feeding regimes and three commercial microdiets: influence on performances, metamorphosis development and tank hygiene.
[6.] Kearn GC, Evans-Gowing R (1998) Attachment and detachment of the anterior adhesive pads of the monogenean (Platyhelminth) parasite Entobdella soleae from the skin of the common sole (Solea solea).
- US-based dental device company Convergent Dental, Inc.'s Solea, the first FDA cleared CO2 9.3 micron dental laser for hard and soft tissue, has also been cleared to perform osseous tissue procedures, the company said.
has unveiled a significant software upgrade to Solea, the first FDA approved, CO2 9.3 micron dental laser for hard and soft tissue.
The project is aimed to produce solar electric car "SOLEA" - a new project based on the development of specialized robotic rover vehicle for exploring dangerous and inaccessible areas using the application of 3D technologies.
Solea Water, formerly Shoeman Water Projects and Water For Panama, recently moved their warehouse into a newly leased location at 3715 Pennridge Dr.
Leading international and regional brands such as Legrand, Nova Color, Atelier Alain Ellouz, SOLEA, Gemini Padana, FEDE, Vavex, Edition Bougainville, Champs Ellysees, and FAYA are some of the companies that will showcase their products and projects portfolio during the three-day exhibition.
Izzo's most celebrated works are the "Marseilles Trilogy": Total Chaos (1995), Chourmo (1996), and Solea (1998).
Chic urban accents include hammocks in the marble shower rooms; the hip and luminous nightspot Terrace, which attracts the beautiful people; and the convenient restaurant Solea, specializing in steak and seafood.
Singer and songwriter Oak has performed several times in Mar Mikhael's Radio Beirut, and was also the overture artist for The Wanton Bishops' concert in Solea V.