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The post A year after devastating fire, Solea is slowly recovering appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Key words: Cox regression model, survival analysis, common sole, Solea solea, fishing methods, hormone treatments.
Last year's fire in Solea, which started on June 19 and burned for four days before it was put under control, resulted in the death of two firefighters and the destruction of some 18 square kilometres of pine forest.
Conclusion of a supply framework agreement to establish the terms governing contracts to subsequent future for the supply and delivery of electricity to power the tram, Solea of buildings and facilities in the Greater Mulhouse .
The post Fire-fighting measures boosted in wake of Solea disaster appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
CYPRUS is to receive more than e1/47m in aid from the EU to restore areas damaged by extended droughts and last year's fires in Solea and Argaka.
Solea wish subcontract certain urban transport of passengers by bus or coach on the perimeter of urban transport M2A.
Eva La Yerbabuena performed her own choreography in a traditional Solea por Bulerias, a gutsy, exuberant solo accompanied by seven singers and musicians.
Cyprus had asked for assistance following a fire in the Solea region of the Troodos mountain that resulted in the death of two firefighters and destruction of 18 square kilometres of pine forest.
Challenging counter-rhythms flashed through Salcedo's Solea, and then, with amusing arrogance, he disappeared with his vest slung over one shoulder.
This Saturday join the effort to bring new life to the Solea area during the organised tree-planting event.
The Solea por Bulerla, a spoofing dance of courtship and sexual conflict, was danced with elegance and an extreme energy by Campos and Tacha Gonzales.
5 square kilometre of forest in the Solea region destroyed by a huge fire in June.
Esther Marion, with her stylish, elongated El Greco body and limbs, curled her arms around her head in a sorrowful Solea and later returned in black pants to dance Bamb Masri with crisp zapateados, strikingly accompanied only by palmas (the rhythmic clapping of hands) and the hypnotic sound of a cajon (a type of wooden box).
Solea after the fire, showing the scale of the destruction