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get rid of by selling, usually at reduced prices

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The French firm said that it has sold off its insurance brokerage Bluefin in a GBP295m deal.
2 billion on bombings so far, the same sum sold off since May, not including the cost of the ground invasion.
Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity, has revealed that more than 3,700 homes in the region could be sold off to the private market due to Government proposals to fund the Right to Buy scheme.
Figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government showed that Kirklees Council sold off 151 social homes in the 2014-15 financial year to occupiers wanting to buy.
2mworth of assets scheduled to be sold off during the previous year and indicates how councils are aiming to combat further Conservative cuts.
This week saw the worst smash and grab of public assets since the Tories sold off Royal Mail.
Our assets sold off on the cheap THE Royal Mail fiasco is just another in a long line of assets owned by the state sold off on the cheap.
NEW YORK, Jumada II 4, 1435, Apr 4, 2014, SPA -- The Nasdaq tumbled more than 2 percent on Friday as momentum stocks like Netflix and TripAdvisor sold off for a second straight session, Reuters reported.
Summary: Fixed assets of Hall Longmore, the last remaining company 'to be disposed of in Murray & Robert's Construction Products Africa unit of companies', sold off at net book valueThe post Murray & Roberts sells off structural steel business appeared first on Big Project Middle East.
Years ago they sold off a motorcycle company, Royal Enfield, to India and the company who bought them were not allowed to use the word "Royal"w the motorcycles are now just called Enfields, they are not allowed to have "Royal" on the logo.
SO, the ConDems are going ahead with the sale of Royal Mail, using the same mantra as they did when they sold off the utilities and the railways.
During January to March 2013, the United States Treasury sold off around 20 percent of its remaining General Motors share.
Between 1999-2010 under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's tenure, under a Labour Government, 213 school fields were sold off.
Unable to provide even a square meal to her little girls, Purnima Halder sold off her daughters for a meagre sum of ` 185.
UK Financial Investments, who manage the Treasury's stake in the bank, played down speculation the shares might be sold off at a loss.