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(astronomy) time based on the motion of the mean sun (an imaginary sun moving uniformly along the celestial equator)

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The effect of inclination angle at optimum filling charged (70%) according to the above results on the mean surface temperature of the evaporator section during the solar time is illustrated in Fig.
The Jai Prakash Yantra, "the sarvayantra shiromani" or the "crest-jewel of all instruments", was meant to measure the local and universal coordinates of celestial bodies; it also had a secondary function of measuring solar time (figure 8).
Leap seconds, which are added at irregular intervals to adjust for the slight wobble of the Earth's rotation, are necessary to keep atomic clocks in sync with solar time.
But the ideal timekeeper, because it has to do with observable reality, has to do with the Earth's rotation, or mean solar time.
The difference between MST and solar time is known as the Equation of Time, which also explains why one needs to make corrections to sundial time to give SAST.
The hours between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm solar time are the most important hours for collecting solar energy.
The US could get a running start at curbing its greenhouse-gas emissions by shifting its energy mix more rapidly towards natural gas in the next few years, allowing renewable energy sources like wind and solar time to gain ground.
They discuss time before the 20th century, solar time, ephemerides, variable earth time, earth rotation and polar motion, ephemeris time, relativity and time, dynamical and coordinate time scales, clock developments, microwave atomic clocks, optical atomic standards, the definition and role of a second, international atomic time, coordinated universal time, time in the solar system, time and frequency transfer, modern earth orientation, international activities, time applications, and the future of timekeeping.
A board sitting on a Los Angeles beach for several hours in June during peak solar time can reach a surface temperature exceeding 130 [degrees]F, or 55 [degrees]F above ambient temperature.
1) Narrative time in the book, Part I, 1605, Part II, 1615, is solar time.
For solar time it is considered that when the sun goes at its highest point in the sky, it is noon.
The equation of time is a correction to be added to the apparent solar time, as read on a sundial, to obtain mean solar time, as commonly used ( Parr & Gold, 1972) This difference is a consequence of tilt of the Earth's orbit.
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