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large eruptions of luminous hydrogen gas that rise thousands of kilometers above the chromosphere

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Solar prominences are caused by the same magnetic forces that can lead to solar flares and CMEs, although how the phenomenon is formed remains unknown, according to (http://www.
Solar prominences and filaments supply most of the material released in coronal mass ejections, vast eruptions from the Sun's atmosphere that can cause space weather and create geomagnetic storms on Earth.
There's no comparison in grandeur between such pip-squeak arcs and the mighty solar prominences that Bellan is trying to replicate.
Suddenly, it became common to see solar prominences at star parties and other astronomical gatherings.
Eric also became interested in radio astronomy and with the help of friends from the Liverpool Astronomical Society (LAS) erected in his back garden a 'switch phased radio interferometer' which facilitated the monitoring of solar prominences as the Sun passed between the aerial beams.
A simple illustration of these issues can be focused on the understanding of solar prominences.
The coal black disk of the Moon set against the ghostly, pearly white corona, with solar prominences arranged like a necklace of rubies around the lunar limb, is a sight that will remain forever etched in a viewer's mind.
Society members will demonstrate safe solar viewing techniques, and specially filtered telescopes will be available to observe sunspots and solar prominences.
A French astronomer at the site, Pierre-Jules-Cesar Janssen (1824-1907), studied the spectra of the solar prominences (see 1859).
These include bulges in the region surrounding the eclipsed solar disk, which depict long extensions of the corona called streamers; and white areas that indicate solar prominences -- elongated gas clouds held intact by magnetic fields.
But the details are there, ranging from sunspots and the bright plages that outline spots' surrounding magnetic fields, to solar flares, explosive magnetic reconnection events, and even the brighter solar prominences.
Best of all are the great solar prominences, many times larger than Earth, that can otherwise be seen only during total solar eclipses.
Researchers know solar prominences can cause geomagnetic storms when they intercept Earth's magnetic field, interfering with communications and electric power transmission.
We saw the corona and solar prominences in their full glory, too--horn blast notwithstanding.
Many physicists have believed that when solar prominences -- masses of gas suspended over the sun's surface -- leap into space, the ones stretching out by more than about half the sun's 700,000-mile radius either detach and keep going, or else simply disappear.