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a sudden eruption of intense high-energy radiation from the sun's surface


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The team observed these extreme radiation pulses only during solar flares.
THE largest solar flare in more than 12 years has been captured by experts from Queen's University Belfast and the University of Sheffield.
The strongest solar flares can impact the ionized part of Earths atmosphere the ionosphere and interfere with our communications systems, like radio and GPS, and also disrupt onboard satellite electronics.
Roughly 40 % of coronal mass ejections are accompanied by solar flares that occur at about the same time and place [4].
Sometimes large solar flares come from fairly innocuous-looking, decaying or small spots.
London, Aug 02 ( ANI ): Scientists have recently revealed that Earth might not be able to avoid a solar flare, like it did in 2012, and it could leave the planet with devastating consequences.
Researchers observed a video of a 2012 solar flare taken during the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite mission, which every 12 seconds captures images of the Sun in the ultraviolet spectrum.
If that solar flare is pointed toward the Earth, that "coronal mass ejection" travels across space to us.
From time to time, some free electrons are suddenly generated by the effect of an unexpected and quick increase of EUV solar radiation flux during solar flares.
However, Fleishman and the two co-researchers have reported the first remote detection of relativistic antiparticles -- positrons -- produced in nuclear interactions of accelerated ions in solar flares through the analysis of readily available microwave and magnetic-field data obtained from solar-dedicated facilities and spacecraft.
He also sends plain messages every three hours to the Air Force Weather Agency to provide an up-to-date picture of the sun and draws sunspots daily to help forecasters predict the possibility of large solar flares like the May 12 Mother's Day event.
Solar flares are classified using the letters B, C, M and X with the B class being relatively mild and quite common during times of high solar activity.
The Sun unleashed the three potent solar flares marking the most intense activity yet this year and causing limited interruptions to high-frequency radio communications.
WASHINGTON -- The Sun has unleashed three potent solar flares in just under 24 hours, marking the most intense activity yet this year and causing limited interruptions to high-frequency radio communications.
Extreme solar activity, characterized by massive solar flares and solar winds that affect the earth's magnetic field, is a real threat to power grids, telecommunication systems and satellite navigation networks around the world.