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a cell that converts solar energy into electrical energy

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Cleanergy and Masen will, under the agreement, intensify their existing collaboration around development and industrialization of an energy storage system for dispatchable solar electricity.
Deploying solar electricity panels is a natural extension of GlassPoint's solar oilfield expertise.
New Delhi [India], Nov 27 ( ANI ):Tata Power Solar has commissioned India's first rooftop solar car port at Unity One mall in Rohini, in association with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), to offer provide 300KW of solar electricity.
The project will be implemented using the new solar electricity contract model.
Even without the federal tax credits, solar electricity is still less expensive or on par with energy costs from major utilities.
In this grim scenario, solar electricity panels and batteries offer a rosy picture but their drawback is higher initial investment.
In Metro Manila, solar electricity reached grid parity sometime in 2013.
Solar electricity is produced from sunlight shining on photovoltaic solar panels.
RGS Energy will offer participating Solarize Troy home and business owners the options to either purchase solar electricity systems directly or enter into a lease.
Once operational, Shizukuishi is expected to produce approximately 24 million kWh of solar electricity per year.
SolarCity has begun providing solar electricity directly to the town of East Bridgewater in a move that will significantly cut energy costs for the town.
With solar electricity being virtually free, many more people will be able to afford installing air conditioners.
Both the number of systems and the percentage of growth made solar electricity the fastest growing electric source in the United States last year.
Summary: Experts hope Lebanon's solar electricity production could be increased to 100MW by 2015
The system will produce 41,183kw hours of solar electricity a year - saving 21,000kg of carbon dioxide.
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