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a cell that converts solar energy into electrical energy

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The Solar Electric Power Association also rated Jersey Central Power & Light eighth among all utilities for the total amount of solar generation in its service area, with 331 MW.
More than 31,000 New Jersey homeowners have set up solar electric systems since 2004.
Solar electric systems have never been more affordable than they are right now, thanks to record-low module costs, generous federal tax incentives and financial incentives offered by many local utilities.
Once operational the solar electric generating system will reduce the wastewater facility energy consumption and electric power cost.
According to the company, the project represents the largest solar electric project at any airport in the United States.
will be equipped with a roof-integrated solar electric system from PowerLight, a subsidiary of SunPower Corporation, as a standard feature.
These others have a head start in both development and the market, says Robert McConnell, who manages research programs in nonconventional solar electric technologies for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and wrote the lab's Assessment.
The SungageA Solar Loan, available through Go Solar Electric, gives a chance for homeowners to own a solar electric system with no money down and low monthly loan payments.
com)-- Business is expanding so quickly for Solar Electric that the alternative energy distributor and installer has opened a new Tecate, CA, location.
com), a manufacturer of solar electric systems, has teamed up with The Home Depot stores in four states to offer residential photovoltaic systems.
Tenders are invited for Competitive solicitation for solar electric projects (PGE, 250 kW to 10 MW)
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