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Synonyms for heliolatry

the worship of the sun


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Several Indic languages also use a sun-related word for Sunday, as in Ravi-vasara or Aditya-vasara, where vasara means day, and Aditya and Ravi serve as a manner of address for the solar deity Surya.
History may tell us that she was seriously up against it behind Solar Deity, who looks a nice prospect for the Marco Botti team.
Every year, during the first days of May, the eyes of the local solar deity come to life at sunset, just after 6pm local time.
Regeneration is not mentioned as a wish for the speaker; he desires it only for the benefit of the solar god in CT VII 1029d, while the supreme solar deity claims it for himself in CT VII 465b.
This disgust at the Kashima deity's ineptitude sometimes manifested itself in a different manner: demoting the Kashima deity and replacing him with Amaterasu, the solar deity located at the Ise shrine far to the south of Edo.
Jordan pleads the case for the cumulative expertise of Egyptologists, reaching back to the earliest precise measurements of the Great Pyramid in the seventeenth century, and for the view that the Sphinx represented the king as a solar deity whose image was set as guardian before the necropolis.
In several of the romances and in Malory, Gawain's strength waxes and wanes with the Sun, a characteristic that links him with Gwalchmei, the solar deity of Celtic mythology.
WE GAVE up counting after 100 the number of times Solar Deity coughed when he came back covered in sand having finished tenth after a slow start.
50 at Kempton and Solar Deity can land the prize for Marco Botti, this trainer is going to have a big season.
SI]) is probably not a reference to his well-attested connection to the solar deity, but merely an indication of the awe with which the monarch was approached by his subjects.
Trained by Jane Chapple-Hyam for owners Mark Hodsoll and Bryan Hirst, Solar Deity, who was partnered by Darryll Holland, was competing in the richest race ever run in South Korea and was the first horse trained in Britain to run in the country.
30 Frankuus HORSES TO FOLLOW Aeolus, Aldrin, Almodovar, Andastra, Bequia, Carry On Deryck, Castle Harbour, Chief Whip, City Chic, Daily Bulletin, Daisy Bere, Easton Angel, Elbereth, Endless Gold, Flyweight, Frankus, Growl, Haalick, Haggle, Helmsdale, Horroob, Irish Rookie, Kismet Hardy, Legendary Lunch, Lexington Abbey, Librisa Breeze, Lightning Spear, Lord George, Master Blueyes, Maths Prize, Medlesome, Mitchum Swagger, Mootaharer, Muntahaa, Nemoralia, Oasis Fantasy, Out And About, Portledge, Qewy, Red Rannagh, Remarkable, Ribchester, Rimraam, Rivet, Satish, Sea Of Heaven, Shraaoh, Smokey Lane, Snow Moon, Solar Deity, Sovereign Debt, St Michel, Tango Sky, Thammin, Thetis, Thornton, Thunder Snow, Time Test, Toola Boola, Wilaminia, Wuheida.
MARCO Botti's Solar Deity looks the solution to the fascinating conundrum that is the Bids5 Bookies Screen Systems Conditions Stakes at Wolverhampton.