solar energy

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energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy


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Solar ray tracing programs to find new types of solar concentrator, J of Um--Salama for science, 1: 76-79.
Loss of 50 percent or more of the global radiation because it is diffuse makes solar concentrators considerably less economic.
Researchers at Michigan State University have developed a solution: a luminescent solar concentrator placed over a window that produces solar power while remaining transparent.
It's also time to rethink new solar concentrator plans.
The independent control of the cells would allow us to morph the structure into a solar concentrator to collect the sunlight and project it on solar arrays.
HyperSolar Inc (OTCBB:HYSR), a solar technology company, revealed on Tuesday that it has completed a prototype design of its thin solar concentrator.
Through the observation and comparison, the outlines of many flowers contour have some similarities with the solar concentrator.
has announced that its subsidiary, New Solar Electricity Corporation, is developing a novel solar concentrator called "Solar Tracer," which will use concentrating solar power technology to capture energy from the sun and transfer it in the form of heat to run steam turbine generators.
The HelioFocus Solar Concentrator focuses enough sunlight energy to provide heat to drive the microturbine.
India is a manufacturer of solar concentrator collectors for another type of solar infrastructure -- solar thermal energy.
Shrink is to market its Quantum Dot Solar Concentrator technologies, which enhances present silicon-based photovoltaic (PV) systems and the ability for these systems to absorb sunlight and convert it to electricity, under the name PowerSkin.
Covalent Solar, founded in 2008, is commercializing solar concentrator technology developed by Marc A.