nebular hypothesis

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(cosmology) the theory that the solar system evolved from a hot gaseous nebula

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Solar collapse was prevented using 'electron-gas pressure' [13, p.
Electron gas pressure' cannot prevent solar collapse.
Thus, the problem of solar collapse does not occur within the condensed matter context [2, 3], because the layered graphite-like structure of liquid metallic hydrogen (see Fig.
For stars near the solar mass, it is advanced that electron gas pressure now acts to prevent solar collapse [2, 3].
A discussion of each physical feature follows: (1) the thermal spectrum, (2) limb darkening, (3) solar collapse, (4) the solar density, (5) seismic activity, (6) mass displacement, (7) the chromosphere and critical opalescence, (8) shape, (9) surface activity, (10) photospheric/coronal flows, (11) photospheric imaging, (12) the solar dynamo, and (13) the presence of Sun spots.