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a stream of protons moving radially from the sun

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There are complex interactions between regions where the fast and slow solar winds are adjacent.
The solar wind primarily comprises two components: high- and slowspeed flows.
com/nasa-images-reveal-how-suns-corona-evolves-turbulent-solar-wind-stream-2411520) NASA Captures Corona's Transition Into Solar Wind
It will complement the rest of the instruments by 3D imaging the corona and solar winds to provide realtime information about radiation conditions.
On July 4, NASA-ESA's spacecraft Juno will reach Jupiter on a year-and-half long mission to study the planet's magnetic field, its interaction with the solar winds (which happens to be one of the causing factors of the lights) and even trace the origin of the aurora.
A wide-field-of view imager in space takes astronomers a step closer towards global solar wind and magnetosphere imaging capabilities.
Early studies using IPS observations in cycle 21 have revealed a close association of the slow wind with the large-scale magnetic neutral line and also disclosed the marked growth of fast solar winds over the poles when solar activity was low.
Washington, May 31 ( ANI ): A powerful combination of spacecraft and computer simulations has revealed that the Moon have a far-reaching, invisible influence on the Sun, or more specifically, the solar wind.
When the Earth's magnetic field captures ionized particles carried by the solar wind, geomagnetically induced currents can flow through the power system, entering and exiting the many grounding points on a transmission network.
Not only does the New Horizons data provide new glimpses of the space environment of the outer solar system, but this information helps round out our growing picture of the sun's influence on space, from near-Earth effects to the boundary where the solar wind meets interstellar space.
Streams of plasma called solar winds blast through space in all directions at speeds of about 400 km (250 mi) per second.
The visualization shows undulating streams of solar winds -- composed of charged particles that flow constantly from the sun.
MAVEN data have enabled researchers to determine the rate at which the Martian atmosphere currently is losing gas to space via stripping by the solar wind.
In the lee of Earth, this solar wind is no more visible than the gust that sets the trees to swaying, but it is revealed through its effects on the Earth's atmosphere, on the Earth's magnetic field, and in interplanetary space.
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