Solanum rostratum

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North American nightshade with prickly foliage and racemose yellow flowers


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Pollen from Solanum rostratum was particularly rich in phenolic acid derivatives and those from Zea mays and Amaranthus hybridus were characterized by the absence of phenolic acid derivatives.
Pollen from Solanum rostratum (G4) was grouped individually and showed a high level of antiradical activity (E[C.
Chenopodiaceae), Desmodium grahami Gray (Leguminosae) and Solanum rostratum Dun (Solanaceae) produced concentration-dependent oscillatory inward currents in the oocytes, while the extract of Gentiana spathacea did not induce any response.
Key words: Baccharis heterophylla, Chenopodium morale, Desmodium grahami, Gentiana spathacea, Solanum rostratum, Xenopus oocyte, [Ca.
The pair chose a tomato relative called Solanum rostratum, which normally has flowers with both right- and left-leaning styles on every plant.