Solanum quitoense

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small perennial shrub cultivated in uplands of South America for its edible bright orange fruits resembling tomatoes or oranges

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In Figure 1A is shown the ripening process of lulillo, where after the 9th day the fruit amounts to 100% of yellowing, associated with its sensory maturity and, comparing with the variety Solanum Quitoense in 5093 NTC, the 4 color corresponds to 100% of fruit peel and for the 5 color the fruit is over-ripe.
0% of egg viability when the larvae were reared on nightshade fruits, a perennial solanaceaus species, Solanum quitoense grown in Northwestern South America.
Tomate de arbol silvestre 51 Lycopersicum sculentum Tomate chonto 52 Solanum nudum Cucubo 53 Capsicun frutescens Aji pajarito 54 Ciphomandra betacea Tomate de arbol 55 Solanum quitoense Lulo chicheperro 56 Capsicum sp.
Solanum quitoense es una especie en proceso de domesticacion con bajo nivel de seleccion, por tanto es susceptible a muchas limitantes de tipo fitosanitario, especialmente relacionadas con el sistema radicular.