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very large white gannet with black wing tips

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Soland (1983), A Closed Queuing Network Model for Multi-Echelon Repairable Item Provisioning.
es decir, en una plataforma de atraccion y desarrollo de talento de alcance global (Kurt Soland, 2011: 48).
Dan Soland, ViroPharma's chief operating officer, said, 'We believe the approval of our supplement for industrial scale manufacturing now enables us to ensure Cinryze is available to any patient who chooses prophylaxis against their attacks of hereditary angioedema.
Carlquist and Schneider (1997) examined Acorus gramineus Soland.
Birgitte Soland, Becoming Modern: Young Women and the Reconstruction of Womanhood in the 1920s (Princeton, and Oxford, 2000), see especially the chapter "Fit for Modernity," 46-64.
Another remedy of ethno and empirical medicine which is still very popular is yellow sophora (Sophora flavescens Soland, S.
La VAS en el Golfo de Mexico (GM) tiene una extension amplia en la zona costera (Onuf 1996), representada por Thalassia testudinum Banks y Soland ex Koening, 1805; Halodule wrightii Ascherson, 1868; Syringodium filiforme Kutzing, 1860 y Ruppia maritima (L) (Lot et al.
Screenplay, Harold Manning, based on a story idea by Morder; Camera (color), Catherine Pujol; editor, Isabelle Rathery; music, Jean-Christophe Desnoux; sound (Dolby), Jean-Daniel Becache, Emmanuel Soland, Ferederic Bielle.
Last week, Dan Soland, US-based president of Chiron's vaccines division, said on a visit to the Speke plant that it would switch to "24/7" production if the deadly HN51 strain were to mutate into a human form.
Chiron's 700 staff will work flat out for "the for-seeable future," said company president Dan Soland.
How same-sex marriage will affect heterosexuals' views and attitudes toward the LGBT community remains uncertain, although anecdotal comments from some activists in Denmark suggest that gay men and lesbians have become integrated into Danish society, and that they are now perceived there as "normal" (Landsforeningen, as cited in Soland, 1998).
Jostein Soland, of Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Bjorn Stangeland, of the Confederation of Norwegian Business and Industry, will meet One NorthEast, the North-East Chamber of Commerce, NewcastleGateshead Initiative and Northern Offshore Federation.
7, 1913, in Cottage Grove to Philip and Eda Soland Jones.
This [editor of Donald Duck & Co] is an important position," Egmont Serieforlaget's editor-in-chief Svein Erik Soland said in an interview for the Norwegian business newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv's online edition.