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Las muestras de las plantas fueron clasificadas como Brugmansia arborea MVFQ 4371, nombre comun floripondio, estramonio o trompeta de angel, miembro de la familia Solanaceae.
REGISTROS # FAMILIA NOMBRE CIENTIFICO 1 Melastomataceae Brachyotum ledifolium 2 Asteraceae Ageratina tinifolia 3 Poaceae Calamagrostis effusa 4 Melastomataceae Bucquetia glutinosa 5 Coriariaceae Coriaria ruscifolia 6 Apocynaceae Cynanchum tenellum 7 Lamiaceae Salvia amethystina 8 Myrtaceae Myrcianthes rhopaloides 9 Scrophulariaceae Buddleja bullata 10 Solanaceae Jaltomata vidiriflora 11 Asteraceae Smallanthus sonchifolius 12 Lamiaceae Mentha spicata 13 Basellaceae Ullucus tuberosus 14 Rosaceae Sanguisorba minor 15 Lamiaceae Rosmarinus officinalis 16 Urticaceae Parietaria debilis 17 Lamiaceae Salvia sp.
quishuar Solanaceae Cestrum auriculatum Hierba santa 30 L'Her.
Key words: Solanaceae, Chemosystematic analysis, epidermal leaf anatomy, Pollen analysis, organoleptography, UV and IR analysis.
Solanum is the biggest and the most complex genus of the Solanaceae family (3).
peppers of the Solanaceae family, which are found in tropical and temperate regions worldwide, are valued as spices or vegetables by many different cultures.
Production of pharmaceutical proteins in Solanaceae food crops.
5 Table 3: Inventory of vegetables Types of vegetables cultivated Number of respondents Scientific name Common name Botanical family Abelmoschus esculentus Okra Malvaceae 48 Solanum macrocarpon Leafy eggplant Solanaceae 10 Corchorus olitorius Jute mallow Tiliaceae 112 Solanum scabrum Nightshade Solanaceae 130 Amaranthus cruentus Amaranth Amaranthaceae 131 Vernonia amygdalina Bitter-leaf Asteraceae 80 Solanum macrocarpum Eggplant Solanaceae 42 Hibiscus sabdariffa Sorrel Malvaceae 10 Types of vegetables cultivated Percentage (%) Scientific name Common name Botanical family Abelmoschus esculentus Okra Malvaceae 36.
Melastomataceae was followed by Solanaceae including three morph-types from two genus Solanum and Physalis; this family was dominant on only three slides.
2008; Teteny, 1987), the fossil record of Solanaceae is very sparse perhaps due to undersampling of the fossil record in the Neotropics where the greatest diversity is found today, and to the inherent preservational bias against herbaceous, non-deciduous plants.
Goji is the fruit of Lycium barbarum and Lycium chinense, two closely related species of boxthorn in the family Solanaceae (which also includes potato, tomato, eggplant, tobacco, etc).
Building on the recent identification of plants from die Solanaceae (such as potato, tomato, aubergine) and Iridaceae (such as saffron, crocus, freesia) families as promising sources of bioactive compounds for human health and the treatment of degenerative disease, the EU-funded DISCO project aims to further investigate these natural, sustainable sources and to fine-tune procedures to generate greater levels of, as well as extract, these bio-compounds.
Estas se encuentran entre las fuentes mas grandes y economicamente mas importantes de alimentos (por ejemplo, Fabaceae y Solanaceae, a la que pertenecen la mayoria de las verduras), frutos, lena y madera.