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FRANCE: Striking Soissons abbey, near the campsite NETHERLANDS: Check out Arnhem
Although the emperor regained his power in both instances, historians have debated whether Louis's reputation ever completely recovered from the supposed humiliation of performing a public penance at Soissons in 833.
Publicist Susan de Soissons, who was helping her finish her next novel The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress, added: "She was adored by everyone.
Her publicist Susan de Soissons said: "She was one of the huge doyennes of literature.
Today Jack's name is recorded on a war memorial at Soissons, 60 miles north of Paris, one of the assumed casualties of the second battle of the Aisne.
The Technologie Academie in Soissons, France, had a goal for all the career and technical students in the Picardie Region of France to have an international experience before completing their technical program.
The Germans' capture of the key road and railroad center of Soissons enabled them to sustain the 40-odd divisions holding the Marne salient, but Soissons was near the western shoulder of the line.
1177-1236), prior of a Benedictine monastery near Soissons, took up his harp as Our Lady's troubadour at the same time his Italian contemporary, St.
This shows that Humber, Robigus and Soissons in particular are good late sowers, while others appear to perform less well in this slot than their earlier sown performance would suggest.
Small nuclei of stories are interspersed with stories from other locations: the first small group of miracles from Montserrat (To 62, To 66, To 72) is broken up by other tales, and in two cases followed by a Soissons miracle (To 63, 67).
UTOPIA is the name of a carp fishing lake in Soissons, France, where a dozen Liverpool anglers spent last week fishing round the clock.
Born in Soissons, France, in 1944, Auder moved to Paris in his late adolescence and worked there as a fashion photographer.
In an effective enigmatic shot by the outstanding French photographer Jean-Pierre Gilson we see a very unusual view of the head of Jesus Christ from the famous Gothic cathedral in Soissons.
In other Cascades news: Le tribunal du Commerce de Soissons, France, has accepted the joint offer of Dalum Papir A/S (Dalum) and Cascades to purchase the assets of La Societe Greenfield S.
In a recent article in these pages (MAE 70 (2001), 95-111), Ineke Hardy investigates the authorship of the crusading song 'Nus ne porroit de mauvese reson' (RS, 1887), (1) which Pierre Desray, in his 1500 edition, attributed to Raoul de Soissons.