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Oberleutnant Maximillian von Forster of Jasta 27 also claimed a Spad west of Soissons at 1810 hours, but some records describe his victim as a "Spad two-seater," which might correspond to a Salmson 2A2 of Sal.
Regular coach trips take holidaymakers to Paris or you can try the train from Soissons or Compigne.
Publicist Susan de Soissons, who was helping her finish her next novel The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress, added: "She was adored by everyone.
Today Jack's name is recorded on a war memorial at Soissons, 60 miles north of Paris, one of the assumed casualties of the second battle of the Aisne.
The deal, which follows the approval by the commercial court of Soissons, will help the buyer expand its offering to new market segments, such as offshore, wind power equipment and sea water transport.
SOISSONS is a little town in Picardy in northern France.
The Germans' capture of the key road and railroad center of Soissons enabled them to sustain the 40-odd divisions holding the Marne salient, but Soissons was near the western shoulder of the line.
WALES Under-18s ran in four tries to nil as they got their Six Nations campaign off to a flying start in Soissons Flanker Thomas Young, son of Blues director of rugby Dai, grabbed the only try of the first period, Ospreys full-back Tom Prydie adding the conversion as Wales trailed 9-7 at the break.
A manuscript at Soissons (4) (figure 1) has a dated colophon representing the rare ideal case where the scribe gives his name and the date but also the place of transcription: "Ce livre est a Jehan Thoulouse bouttiller en la viconte de l'eaue de Rouen escript l'an mil quatre cent soysante et quatre" (This book belongs to Jehan Thoulouse, cup-bearer in the viscounty of the waterways (5) of Rouen, written in the year 1464).
Notre-Dame de Soissons, a Benedictine monastery for women in northern France, was said to have been founded about 660 by Drausin, the bishop of Soissons, with the support of Ebroin, mayor of the palace, and his wife, Leutrude.
UTOPIA is the name of a carp fishing lake in Soissons, France, where a dozen Liverpool anglers spent last week fishing round the clock.
Born in Soissons, France, in 1944, Auder moved to Paris in his late adolescence and worked there as a fashion photographer.
Mr Shine pointed out that Soissons has a clear niche market in certain specialised high and low protein grists, and represented about 4% of the market.
In other Cascades news: Le tribunal du Commerce de Soissons, France, has accepted the joint offer of Dalum Papir A/S (Dalum) and Cascades to purchase the assets of La Societe Greenfield S.
The sprinters have had the upper hand thus far and that should again be the case today as the 189-strong field - there have been no dropouts - wend their way westwards from Soissons to Rouen.