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a chemical substance used to improve the structure of the soil and increase its porosity

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We had 145 gardeners on Anglesey come this morning to enthusiastically collect our soil improver," said Eric Hughes, site manager at Penhesgyn.
The Gum Arabic tree is a natural soil improver, as it fixes nitrogen from the air in the soil.
He recommends cotton seed meal as a potential soil improver.
The soil improver will help with the students' projects and enable them to learn more about sustainable gardening and ecology.
Like so many invasive plants they are often difficult to establish but if you buy good strong plants and enrich with home-made compost or organic soil improver, there should be no problems.
Not only does AD offer an onfarm source of renewable energy, generating electricity from methane, it is a neat management solution for a variety of farm wastes and provides a high-grade soil improver.
Councils across the country now collect garden waste to be recycled into compost for use as a soil improver.
John spent some time digging the beds thoroughly and most have had some organic soil improver because of their awkward sandy nature.
Recycled food waste can be sent to a special plant to be recycled into soil improver or fertiliser and generate electricity that can be fed back into the national grid.
Save money and make a brilliant soil improver and feed with home-made compost.
Mulching and digging in plenty of soil improver, well-rotted manure and garden compost each year will improve your soil as well and the main thing is to make sure it thrives.
As well as the lunar calendar and the herbal preparations biodynamics relies on a special soil improver made using manure and cow horns.
Trees will be shredded and composted on site, with the mulch used as a soil improver across the city's public gardens and parks.