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a layer in a soil profile

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SOC storage in the 30-100 cm soil horizon accounts for 46-63% of total SOC storage in the first 1 m of the world's soil (Batjes 1996).
The most common minerals of clay fraction of the individual soil horizons are quartz, illite and kaolinite; this corresponds with the results of Drewnik et al.
Soil cores extracted to a depth of 4 feet from west to east (A, B, C, D) reveal differences in depth of soil horizons across the block.
sat]) of the limiting layer (the soil horizon with the lowest K[sub.
Highly variable and generally low summer monsoon precipitation, characteristic of the pinyon-juniper woodland, can affect soil-plant and plant-plant interactions by favoring species that are able to draw water from deeper soil horizons (Williams and Ehleringer, 2000).
Soil horizons are heterogeneously different in granulometric composition.
Although Al, Cd, Co, Cu, Fe, Mo, Ni, Pb, and Zn were examined, our focus in this exploratory study was on the level of Cd in the 3 soil horizons and willow between and within the 2 prospects and their vicinity.
Now, for Oxisols and Ultisols of the humid tropical and subtropical climates and Andisols, Spodosols, and part of the Inceptsols soil orders (SOIL SURVEY STAFF, 1994) with predominant pH dependent charge associated with the presence of kaolinite and amorphous and crystalline iron and aluminum oxides, subsurface soil horizons have usually small content of SOM and are usually more acid, favoring the predominance of anion exchange capacity (AEC) that will retain the N-N[O.
The saturated moisture contents for each of the soil horizons and each soil association were recalculated by decreasing the bulk densities in intervals of 5% compared to the average bulk densities obtained using the clod method.
Interpreting a paleosol may be hindered by eroded or partially preserved horizons, complex climatic and environmental histories, and in the case of buried paleosols, alteration of one or more soil horizons by infiltration of material from overlying units.
As a result, SOC may be sequestered in soil horizons in different forms and states, with varied residence times or turnover intensity and relationships with nitrogen (Batjes 1996; Falloon et al.
Thereby, Cordova's attempt to generalise the climatic import of some soil horizons in southern Jordan to alluvial sequences in the Jordan Valley, located in very different hydrological regimes, is strained.