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an increase in the density of something

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Scientists working for the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization have concluded that soil compaction, along with erosion, is conventional agriculture's costliest and most serious environmental problem.
Research into the effects of soil compaction on infiltration rate has been conducted in Pennsylvania (Felton and Lull, 1963; Hamilton and Waddington, 1999), Wisconsin (Kelling and Peterson, 1975), North Carolina (Kays, 1980) and Alabama (Pitt et al.
Soil compaction occurs when a given mass of soil is pressed into a smaller volume, which increases a soil's bulk density; because the mass of soil is not changing, it means that the soil porosity must decrease.
1988), but using lighter machines or larger tires can reduce soil compaction (Greene and Stuart 1985).
The frequent crossing of soil by heavy equipment in modern agricultural and forestry operations has made soil compaction one of the most important issues these industries face today (1, 2).
Path analysis revealed that trampling severity was a significant positive predictor of soil compaction and soil bulk density, and was a negative predictor of the presence of macropores.
It is at risk of extinction because of habitat damage caused by erosion, soil compaction, habitat fragmentation, disturbance by people and pets, yard waste dumping, and introduction of nonnative species.
From enhanced traction to soil compaction, we realize producers are looking for information on a variety of issues related to agricultural tires," says Olivier Gros, marketing communications manager.
Honeylocust is fairly resistant to salt, drought, soil compaction, heat, and disease, which makes it a good choice for specimen trees in the yard or garden.
About two-thirds of agricultural land has been degraded over the past 50 years by erosion, salinization, soil compaction, nutrient depletion, biological degradation, and pollution.
Since the mid-1980s, Shainberg had been exploring PAMs' ability to reduce soil compaction and crust formation by rain.
A small on-site lab and a safe storage bunker to house the nuclear density gauge will be constructed at the gas compressor site to handle time critical and frequent tests such as concrete and soil compaction.