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a chemical substance used to improve the structure of the soil and increase its porosity

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cepae in combination with different doses of soil amendments gradually and significantly reduced shoot length over positive control.
In 2013, Radio Lifeline launched the Black Earth Project to assess the viability of biochar, which is created by burning dried biomass in a low-to-zero oxygen environment, as a soil amendment for coffee farmers in Rwanda.
On the other hand, due to the availability of large quantity of FA and the presence of high concentrations of Ca and Mg in most FA sources, FA appears to be a suitable soil amendment for liming purposes and to enhance Ca and Mg contents in the soil (Rai 1987, Pathan et al 2003).
Animal sources like poultry manure, cow dung and pig manure have been extensively used as soil amendments to replenish soil nutrients over the years.
The best soil amendments increase water and nutrient holding capacity and improve aeration and water infiltration.
Because several major nematicides have been withdrawn from the market, there is an intensive search for alternative and sustainable control measures, especially those based on the use of biocontrol agents and soil amendments with organic matter (AKHTAR & MALIK, 2000; NICO et al, 2004).
GaiaRecycle systems employ patented technology to turn food scraps and other organic waste into rich soil amendments and energy resources.
This "Super Soil System" converts hog waste into material for soil amendments and fertilizers and removes most of the suspended solids, phosphorus, and ammonia from the wastewater.
Readers will be surprised to learn earthworms are used not only for recycling but for bait, breeding stock and soil amendments.
Wastes from steel mills, coal-fired power plants, aluminum manufacturers, mining operations, nuclear fuel processors, foundries, galvanizers, and other industries can make their way into fertilizers and soil amendments.
is promoting its equipment's ability to turn unwanted construction waste into useful alternatives," such as soil amendments and other products.
Chips or crumbs are] also used in playground materials, mulches and soil amendments," Lassiter says.