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a district in southwestern Manhattan noted for its shops and restaurants and galleries and artist's lofts

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a city district of central London now noted for restaurants and nightclubs

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The new Birmingham Be At One will be a basement bar similar to the Soho, London, location and open until 3am every day except Sundays.
Four members of the company, based in Soho, London, accepted the award at the star studded event in Los Angeles on February 28.
Jean added they were joined by family and friends from around the world to mark the occasion which they held in Kirsty's beloved Soho, London.
Eye used to often enjoy a pint or twelve in the John Snow on Broadwick Street in Soho, London, as a youngster, when times were more innocent and it had yet to become the frazzled, cynical shambles of a column readers see today.
I was on nodding terms with Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud in the mid-1980s, for no other reason than that we frequented the Colony Room, a once notorious and now defunct drinking club in Soho, London.
1965: Former lightheavyweight champion Freddie Mills was found shot dead in his car in Soho, London.
The Duke of Northumberland had attended the Royal Command Tattoo at Ravensworth Castle, Gateshead, while a an 'intruder' had been shot dead at a flat in Soho, London.
The 34-year-old actress made the startling revelation during a f-word outburst at Madame Jojo club's 'Trannyshack' night in Soho, London, the Sun reported.
Rhydian, who studied graphic design, worked with Sam, 34, who owns A Two, a menswear retailer in Merthyr town centre, which now has a sister-store in Soho, London.
Leons Studios' leaders have worked on global brands such as Sony, adidas, Nokia, Lenovo, Mizuno, HP, Nikon and Canon in one of the world's creative hubs, Soho, London, United Kingdom.
THREE people were killed and 30 injured this day in 1999 when a nail bomb went off in Soho, London.
Pete is the former owner of the Atlas Records shop in Soho, London, and focuses his energies these days on collaborating with friends in the music industry or on his own solo musical projects.
Speaking at the showcase of its latest collection at the Eye Company in Soho, London, Mr Orgreen added that eyewear in general is becoming bigger and more colourful but that Orgreen is going for a 'softer' look.
th1ng / th2ng will provide all production and post-production from its purpose-built studios in Soho, London.