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Synonyms for trigonometry

the mathematics of triangles and trigonometric functions

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Both may well be true, but looking back at his record you see Sohcahtoa ran his best race first time out last year, never quite recapturing that effort subsequently and I for one would be slightly wary about supporting him next time.
SOHCAHTOA looks every inch a textbook Richard Hannon improver and can land a significant pot in the oddschecker.
Hughes went on to complete a meeting double when he rode Sohcahtoa to win the Nursery.
So, for many years, my teaching of trigonometry in Year 9 began with exercises in identifying opposite and adjacent sides in right-angled triangles, definitions of the trigonometric ratios and the mnemonic SOHCAHTOA, then lots of work on calculating unknown sides and angles, all devoid of any realistic context.
In algebra and geometry classes as a kid, my mind used to wander and I was more likely to be thinking about who would win the XYZ Handicap or the Hyperion Stakes than quadratic equations or the square of the hypoteneuse but when I saw Sohcahtoa on the Folkestone card, I knew I should have known what it meant.
After cruising into the lead, he appeared to idle and eventually scrambled home by a head from Sohcahtoa.
com Easter Stakes and can strike again with Sohcahtoa tomorrow.
State Visit, ridden by apprentice James Rogers, held off Sohcahtoa by a nose in the claimer but will not be returning to William Muir's yard as he was claimed by Amy Weaver for pounds 8,000.
Richard Hannon has two runners in The Easter Stakes with Ryan Moore on the perceived first string Sohcahtoa.
This is a hot little contest and not one to go overboard on but I'm giving another chance Sohcahtoa to prove he's going in the right direction.