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wood that is easy to saw (from conifers such as pine or fir)


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Future lumber consumption is based on projections of housing starts, repair & remodeling expenditures and related softwood lumber consumption, and the evolution of other demand sectors.
Globally traded softwood lumber reached an all-time high in 2016, said Wood Resources International in its quarterly report.
"For years, American communities who depend on the softwood lumber industry have had their livelihoods threatened by heavily subsidized Canadian lumber increasingly imported into the U.S.," the statement said.
The company produces primarily softwood lumber and also owns a 51% interest in Canfor Pulp Products Inc., which is one of the largest producers of market northern bleached softwood kraft pulp and a producer of high performance kraft paper.
To celebrate its milestone and appreciate its partners in the Middle East, SPF Precut Lumber will be hosting an invitation only Canadian Softwood Lumber Grading Seminar and Anniversary Celebration on Monday at the Ramada Hotel Dubai.
This study applies time series analysis tools of decomposition and filtering to extract industry cycles experienced by the US softwood lumber manufacturing industry and uses nonparametric techniques to identify the cycle phases.
Under the deal, the Softwood Lumber Agreement, which was due to expire in 2013, will remain in effect through 0ctober 2015.
Tension between the United States and Canada over softwood lumber trade may be inevitable.
Bilateral trade in softwood lumber is the subject of a long-standing and ongoing dispute between Canada and the United States of America (see Zhang, 2007, and Reed, 2001, for a detailed chronology).
The Rip-Scan R200 by LuxScan, is a two-sided, high-speed scanner used for optimized ripping of hardwood and softwood lumber. This machine can scan a variety of hardwoods and softwoods, up to 24 in.
softwood lumber exports during 2007 could top 1 billion board feet for the first time since 2000, said Wade Camp, director of economic services for the Southern Forest Products Association.
The NAFTA rulings forced the United States to agree to a new Softwood Lumber Agreement (SLA) with Canada that will result in a massive refund totaling $4.3 billion for duties collected on lumber imports from Canada.
With the going rate for softwood lumber at 50 cents per board foot and several dollars more for hardwood, I've recovered half of the Oscar's cost in less than three years.