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the quality of being able to provide good service

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How relative absolute can be: SUMI and the impact of the nature of the task in measuring perceived software usability.
is a Chicago-based software company founded by the son and colleagues of interface guru Jef Raskin, creator of Apple's Macintosh, and is focused on software usability and humane user interfaces.
In the last year its mission and capabilities have evolved from performing software usability studies to becoming a center where the disciplines of knowledge engineering, business process modeling, and user-centered design (UCD) are practiced on a daily basis.
to develop a stand way to test and evaluate software usability.
While the CIF has only been applied to software usability in pilot testing so far, many of the workshop participants believe that the scope of the CIF should be extended to cover user testing of hardware.
Practical education for improving software usability.
These suggestions, along with the tests conducted in our new software usability laboratory, are the driving force behind this upgrade," said Mike Tansey, Senior Vice-President, Product Development & Business Technology.
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