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the quality of being able to provide good service

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Rolta's expertise in software usability, combined with developing enterprise-level solutions from its rich repository of Intellectual Property, provides an enhanced value proposition for its customers.
The Software Usability Measurement Inventory: Background and usage".
Sky Deutschland's technology team required the right combination of transfer performance, software usability, data security and automation; they also sought immediate compatibility with the largest number of partners and suppliers.
This provides streamlined teller operations, customer service benefits, archival standardization as well as superior software usability.
gDoc Fusion Home & Student includes all our innovations in software usability, offering easy-to-use software that focuses on the critical functions that people want to complete their tasks as quickly and easily as possible.
Papers are in sections on software paradigms, infrastructure, metrics, architecture, collaborative software approaches, methodological and testing issues, requirements engineering, ontology engineering, software usability, and issues in ICT education.
Recent articles in several publications highlighted two software usability products developed at NIST--NIST WebMetrics and the Common Industry Format (CIF) for Usability Test Reporting.
5 provides important improvements related to software usability.
The number of ocean-borne probes is growing rapidly, cloud computing is disrupting the collaboration space, and today's users expect seamless software usability.
His topics include human error and reliability basics, usability engineering life cycle stages and important associated areas, evaluation methods, testing usability, user errors, mathematical models for usability assurance, software usability, and medical device usability.
Study data illustrates the strategic importance of enterprise software usability, particularly in industries IFS serves that are characterized by a high degree of complexity and diversity.
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