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a precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problem

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Given the rules-based nature of advanced information systems, regulatory compliance is built into laboratory software logic, freeing technicians to read slides and interpret results without worrying about compliance issues or monitoring rescreens; the software does that for them.
In part two, we introduced the observation that over time, software staff members who are full-time employees produce and support, on average, around 700 new or changed lines of software logic per person-month, or equivalently some 8,000 lines of software logic per person-year.
Programmatic Administration*: Tervela's administrative features are now accessible through application programming interfaces (APIs), so that the fabric can be controlled by software logic, complementing existing manual administration through GUI and command-line interfaces.
Software logic errors may arise due to incomplete or inconsistent requirements, errors in software design, or errors in code implementation.
Behavioral health treatment is an art--it cannot be captured by software logic.
Anglesey County Council, in partnership with software designer Software Logic, has developed an on-line journey planner to help people plan their journeys.
Whatever approach a company has taken to reach the point of an EBS implementation, it must understand that, to a greater or lesser degree, it is going to be adjusting its processes to fit the functionality embedded in the software logic.
Each update increased the potential for a software logic error.
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