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a string of characters beginning with a period and followed by one or more letters

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Formtek Software Extensions are designed to increase the capabilities and productivity of a client's Alfresco implementation by extending the standard Alfresco functionality or by adding new features.
specialised software extensions developed by and for educators, as well as with rich, interactive digital resources.
Choosing an FLP data format that fits the DSP arithmetic capabilities and native data width, adding FLP hardware or software extensions and providing appropriate development tool support results in a DSP that easily outperforms any comparable traditional floating-point DSP.
The HP-UX shipped with these machines will have real-time software extensions, support NFS file systems over TCP/IP connections, support the IPV6 network protocol and 128- node Hyperplex clustering.
DynaMiTe is fully ANSI Issue 2 compliant and features: -- Direct ATM support (UTOPIA interface) -- Full software configuration and control -- Robust broadband connectivity up to 26 Kfeet on 24 AWG, 18 Kfeet on 26 AWG -- Full-rate ADSL transfer of up to 8 mb/s down and 850 kbps up (on 26 AWG) -- Software extensions to G.
Contract notice: Development Of Software Extensions To Research Platform Symuvia
for data purging and archiving, RF-SMART for enhanced RF productivity, Magic Software for software extensions and integration, Business Intelligence (OBIEE as well as Halo Business Intelligence - the first analytics platform to combine data insight, mobile and collaborative decision support with human intelligence) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) for warehousing accuracy and efficiencies.
OpenNebulaPro includes the most recent thoroughly tested and quality-controlled version of OpenNebula and tested software extensions for its operation in business environments.
The hardware and software extensions, as well as the services provided, must always ensure the functional level of current facilities and connected systems (SAE and SIV in particular).
The company also offers: custom software development, business software extensions and integration, as well as modernization of applications used in companies.
hardware and software extensions, as well as the services provided, must always ensure the functional level of the existing facilities and systems connected (SAE and SIV including).
Support systems for management, manpower planning, office phone (subscriber) database, billing, recording, traffic recording, voicemail, voice control, voice mail, reference, automatic call management, queue management, management of fixed and mobile extensions, software extensions and softphones, Hardware, wiring and connectors for telephony products, building network, for example mobile coverage indoors, Fixed and mobile telephones, pagers, ruggedized equipment and telephone accessories such as headsets and docking units.
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