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We won that game, 7-2, on a softball diamond where we'd lengthened the bases and moved the pitcher's rubber back.
After a couple of days of rainy weather, the sandy surface that doubles as a softball diamond in University Park had puddles here and there, but that didn't deter a dedicated crew of ptanque players.
The softball field next to Worcester State that is owned by the city and maintained by Jesse Burkett Little League is named the Ralph Raymond Softball Diamond at Rockwood Field.
Perhaps the most significant change proposed for Burncoat Park is the elimination of the full-size baseball diamond and the smaller softball diamond that have long been there.
Bonnie was very dear to many people and a colorful figure on the softball diamond.
Left-forward Roy, a well-known force on the softball diamond, brings a quiet intensity to field hockey.
WORCESTER -- The Crompton Park pool was still full of bobbing heads early Tuesday evening as Katie Robertson and April White threw their towels out in right-center field of the softball diamond.
A logical location would be the open area between Hayward Field and Howe Field, the women's softball diamond, but the chance remains the university will use that spot for a new basketball arena.
The proposed new building will dislocate a small soccer field and softball diamond, which will be relocated to the front lawn of the school when the building project is finished.
The arena is to be built on the current site of Howe Field, the women's softball diamond, near the corner of East 18th Avenue and University Street.