soft-shell crab

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Synonyms for soft-shell crab

freshly molted crab with new shell still tender and flexible

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edible crab that has recently molted and not yet formed its new shell

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Seedstocks of soft-shell crabs used to be sourced from the wild at a length of less than three centimeter.
Soft-shell crabs, often called "busters," are sold in several sizes.
The baskets empty and the floats full, we scoop up newly shed soft-shell crabs with dip nets from floats filled on other workdays.
As she slept, NATO's leaders dined on soft-shell crabs and spring lamb in the East Room of the White House.
exporters are always asking about soft-shell crabs, Tanabe said, but only "curious people" eat them in Japan, and building a substantial market would take "extensive promotional activities.
We ate in a place that served nothing but live soft-shell crabs, which were biting me but, hey, soft shell nga di ba?
Florida crabbers can bring their soft-shell crabs to market as much as two or three months sooner than their Northern counterparts.
Pat dry soft-shell crabs to remove excess moisture.
Not to be confused with soft-shell crabs, the term "soft-shell" or "new-shell" lobster simply indicates the shell can be easily cracked.
Dip the soft-shell crabs into the egg whites to coat well.