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ranks fifth in Japan's soft-drink market and may become the third through the Calpis acquisition, according to Inryo Soken, which tracks the soft-drink market.
Voluntary changes by the soft-drink industry could extend restrictions imposed by a number of states and school districts throughout the U.
Although almost everyone knows that soda is the quintessential junk food--just sugar calories and no nutrients--the soft-drink industry has managed to make it a mainstay of the diet.
In this experiment, normal levels of caffeine had no perceptible influence on soda flavor--a conclusion that contradicts claims made by soft-drink makers.
The food industry pretends that the answer to kids' excessive soft-drink consumption is more physical activity.
Product innovation and growing demand from aging baby boomers helped to lift diet soft-drink sales over the past two years," says Gary Hemphill, senior vice president at Beverage Marketing.
Today, the two cola giants are still lodged in a fierce war over control of one of the most attractive soft-drink markets in the region.