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egg cooked briefly in the shell in gently boiling water

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According to manufacturer Pork Farms, all the user is required to do is add boiling water to the pre-cooked soft-boiled egg, the Grocer reported.
Look forward to tucking into new breakfast options such as Kedgeree -- a popular Anglo-Indian dish that features smoked haddock flakes in mildly curried rice with chunks of soft-boiled egg -- and the Spanish-style Merguez, Potato and Feta Omelette.
Perhaps it's meant to be room temperature but neither hot nor cold didn't seem quite right - and certainly not for a soft-boiled egg.
Many organisations 'security is like a soft-boiled egg.
Never be afraid of a soft-boiled egg," he told her.
Bestseller For the Rich Only is a delightful all-day breakfast bowl mix of tenderloin beef, crispy bacon bits, fish roe and soft-boiled egg drenched in garlic yogurt dressing.
We're making dippy eggs and soldiers, but using a smooth, clean-flavoured coconut pannacotta as the soft-boiled egg, with the yolk effect provided by a sweet mango jelly.
So I made this really eggy ice cream; tasted it, and it just reminded me of dipping into a soft-boiled egg as a kid - so the next step was eggs and bacon.
I don't like her myself - a bit of a spacehead," said Steven, who would take four minutes over a soft-boiled egg and ten for hard boiled.
Cut 1 soft-boiled egg in half and serve with 7 spears of steamed asparagus for dipping.
At Kafe Batwan-named after the green sour fruit-he tweaked batchoy, the familiar noodle soup from Negros, into Madrid Fusion Super Batchoy using 12-hour soup stock, Kurobuta charsiu and soft-boiled egg.
You can enjoy a floral feast of duck foie gras terrine with roast peach and hyssop, crispy soft-boiled egg with crushed courgette, girolles and sprinklings of wild rocket and courgette flowers, and a summer vegetable salad featuring chive flowers, rocket flowers, rosemary flowers, penses flowers and nasturtium.
ACCORDING to a new survey, two-thirds of Brits don't know how to make a soft-boiled egg as they can't get the timing right.