soft-shell crab

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Synonyms for soft-shell crab

freshly molted crab with new shell still tender and flexible

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edible crab that has recently molted and not yet formed its new shell

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Dhansak, a staple gravy made with meat and lentils Image Credit: Supplied Soft shell crab grills Image Credit: Supplied
The soft shell crabs are retrieved and then held in aerated freshwater for about 30-60 minutes before sorting, packing, and freezing.
Q I spotted soft shell crab in a Chinese supermarket.
has introduced a line of value-added soft shell crabs.
And for those who like soft shell crabs, Lorenzo's are world class.
I said that I could use $25,000 for soft shell crabs," Gainey told the Post.
FRIED Maryland soft shell crabs with mustard sauce.
As well as popular dishes like the soft shell crabs and melting Wagyu beef, Yatai has attracted lots of fans for its Japanese black cod.
A late night at the airport to make sure his soft shell crabs arrived unharmed, got him back to Calistoga in the wee hours of the morning.