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a computer display that enables the user to interact with the computer by touching areas on the screen

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2", active bar graphs, shams messages and icons, operator prompts, and multiple soft key functions.
2 inches, active bar graphs, status messages, operator prompts and multiple soft key functions
Pushing it in activates the nay window for channeling nay frequencies, while the frequency transfer soft key makes the frequency active.
Two tactile user input types are also available-three soft keys or a small knob and a single soft key.
Motorola's MOTO Z8 'kick-slider' smartphone, which runs the UIQ on Symbian OS platform with a Motorola soft key implementation and features video capture/playback and hi-fi audio quality, will be available in Europe from next month.
The system has a form factor of 2U, is designed to be rack-mounted and can be upgraded from 12 to 24 slots via a soft key licence if additional slots are required.
Multiple soft key functions can be programmed to initiate tasks.
2 inches, active bar graphs, status messages and icons, operator prompts, and multiple soft key functions.
Soft Key is the family budget PC range that includes the No.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Digital Multi Key Telephone With Tilted Display, Soft Key, Navigation Key, Missed Call Alert Facility And Memory Key 24 Nos To Work With Fexicom 6000 Exchange Of Version 16 And Above.
Otherwise, the soft key buttons will remain as default but keeps the home and lock screen wallpaper.