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Synonyms for paperback

(of books) having a flexible binding


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ISBN: 0-929316-50-9 (Information Requirements Clearinghouse) Soft cover, English, 186 pages, 2002 Catalog No.
The 3rd edition of the Blue Book of Airguns, written by Bob Beeman and John Allen and edited by Steve Fjestad, is now available in both soft cover and a special publisher's limited edition hardcover.
The exhibition's 240-page catalogue will be copublished, in hard and soft cover, by the Wexner Center and Harry N.
The soft cover reference book included data on the new Remington Ultra Mags and Short Action Mags and the Winchester .
ISBN: 0-931828-75-9 (Society of American Archivists) Soft cover, English, 131 pages, 1990 Catalog No.
ISBN: 0-471-14T 9-2 (Wiley) Soft cover, English, 369 pages 1996 Catalog No.
ISBN: 0-201-65782-1 (Addison Wesley Professional) Soft cover, English, 272 pages, 2002 Catalog No.
ISBN: 1-931786-08-9 (ARMA) Soft cover, English, 202 pages, 2003 Catalog No.
ISBN:0-933887-98-1 (ARMA) Soft cover, English, 120 pages, 2001 Catalog No.