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egg cooked briefly in the shell in gently boiling water

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The runny egg yolk in the soft boiled egg was a great substitute for a dressing for the lunch guest watching her weight
Divide between four plates and top each with a piece of haddock and the soft boiled egg.
Unfortunately the essential flavour brought out in my starter of lamb's kidneys, black pudding, rocket salad and soft boiled egg in devilled sauce, was salt.
For a soft boiled egg, leave it cooking for three minutes; for hard-boiled, leave for 5-7 minutes.
The soft boiled egg was covered with flavoursome mushrooms and coated in light breadcrumbs.
Recipe of the month PAN FRIED SALMON WITH ASPARAGUS SPEARS, BUTTERED SPINACH, SOFT BOILED EGG, PEA PUREE AND CHIVE BEURRE BLANC INGREDIENTS: 4X200g portions of salmon, 12 asparagus spears, 50g of spinach, 4 eggs, a few rashers of smoked bacon, pea puree, beurre blanc METHOD: Heat a pan with 2 tsp of oil , add salmon browning on all sides.
My companion's roasted beetroot salad, soft boiled egg, mustard and horseradish was surprisingly less successful, mainly because the sweet concentration of caramelised flavours that happens when you roast beetroot had been negated by the pickling process that followed.
RUBY WAX WITH LIZA MINNELLI AND HUSBAND: We've gawped at the Twilight Zone wedding pictures of the jaded, faded looking Liza and her peeled soft boiled egg of a hubby, David Gest, and been baffled at what looks like the oddest coupling since Billie Piper and Chris Evans.
A soft boiled egg with toasted bread soldiers must be one of the most comforting dishes.
It is a soft boiled egg with bread and butter mini soldiers (crusts cut off of course) all squashed up in your favourite cup - seasoned and eaten with a teaspoon.
We have a saying in refereeing to describe such situations - "a soft boiled egg or a hard boiled egg, it's still a boiled egg" - so a "soft" foul is still a foul.
From it I chose as a starter lamb kidneys with black pudding, a soft boiled egg, rocket and a devilled sauce.
Soft boiled egg in salad cream with cheese scone all with tasty bread which arrived in plastic sandwiches boxes wrapped in Clingfilm.
SPRING DELIGHTa recipe from the book, soft boiled egg with smoked salmon, asparagus tips and caviar