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ball used in playing softball

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a game closely resembling baseball that is played on a smaller diamond and with a ball that is larger and softer

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LCB's women's soft ball festival coordinator Julie Durrant: "We are delighted to be working with Newton-Le-Willows Cricket Club to host one of our events.
The other signifying feature of the tournament was the winner of the soft ball tournament, the Dortmund Cricket Club, a team comprising all Tamil players and finally winning the cup, bringing the togetherness of everyone to the focus.
Windhoek had a well organised soft ball cricket festival for children under 7 to under 9, which was an initiative of St George's School.
As a high school student, She was active in Future Homemakers of America and was a catcher for the Girls Soft Ball Team.
For several years recreation enthusiasts, particularly soft ball and tennis fans, have been clamoring to get a field of this sort, and parts of the tract have been used at times under informal circumstances.
I suppose on Thursday the USA will insist on playing with a soft ball.
Squeeze a small rubber or soft ball with your paws to increase your grip and grab strength.
A patented digital candy and oil thermometer can be set to beep at the key points in candy making, from hard crack to soft ball.
The retired Head Start nurse finds applying a loufa sponge and massaging with the soft ball of plastic netting supplied with some body lotions helps relieve her shoulder and neck pain.
Viv, Gwyn and Llyn are already there and we play soccer with a small, soft ball on the hard playground.
The inflatable adventure, which is suitable for children aged 12 and over, includes a giant octopus challenge, mangle squeeze, soft ball pond with a log roll challenge, giant angle fish basher and seahorse basher.
They, meanwhile, enjoyed taking part in a gentle seated fitness session in the morning followed by games of floor netball, bowls, bean bag target games, soft ball darts and others.
One soft ball and lots of children are all that are needed for this fun activity.
SUPER Kings scored a narrow one-wicket victory over Summerland in the Indian Club Sungulf Seven-a-Side Invitational Soft Ball Cricket Tournament.