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Synonyms for X-ray

electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength produced when high-speed electrons strike a solid target

examine by taking x-rays

Related Words

take an x-ray of something or somebody

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Hinode's X-ray telescope allowed for detection of soft X-rays, and combining the two made it possible to create a "temperature structure" of the region the researchers were observing, one that "was not showing X-ray brightening nor flaring activity.
X-ray light enters these tubes from multiple angles and is focused through reflection, giving the technology a wide field of view necessary for globally imaging the emission of soft X-rays.
Lobster-Eye Optics refers to an optical element used to focus soft X-rays, developed by the University of Leicester in the UK and the Photonis Corporation in France, and inspired by the eyes of the crustacean.
He further explained that this glow, known as the soft X-ray diffuse background, was surprisingly bright in the gas-rich central plane of the galaxy, where it should be strongly absorbed and this suggested that the background was a local phenomenon, arising from a bubble of hot gas extending out a few hundred light-years from the solar system in all directions.
These groupings include infrared, soft X-ray, and hard X-ray beamlines.
While some flares do indeed exhibit an extended cascade of soft X-rays on the heels of the intense, hard X-ray burst, X-ray component.
A little over a month later, it captured data on soft X-rays during a low-intensity solar flare on July 21.
In theoretical models of how matter falls into black holes and radiates energy, the soft X-rays come primarily from the accretion disk (see illustration), while hard X-rays are typically generated by a high-energy "corona" around the disk.
Like the group's previous mission, TRACE, the satellite will study the transition region between the Sun's photosphere and corona, but this time in the ultraviolet instead of soft X-rays.
The instrument exposes samples to soft x-rays with energies between the absorption edge of oxygen and that of carbon.
With these lower-energy rays, the researchers rely on strength in numbers to create record-breaking blasts, and they find it much easier to get a huge yield of soft X-rays than hard, explains M.
This contract concerns the design, manufacture, testing and delivery of a diffractometer under vacuum (10-6 mbar) that will allow the line to make SIRIUS diffraction and spectroscopy experiments in the range of soft X-rays (1.
In that zone, gas is heated up to 20 million degrees Fahrenheit, giving off soft X-rays, according to (http://www.