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On the other hand, we have also shown in published studies that improper plastering practices can cause excessive porosity and surface breakdown, leading to the soft spot phenomenon (often called "spot etching"), which, despite its slang term, actually has nothing to do with etching.
Upon entering the game, the holder must check the field for divots and soft spots that may affect the kicker's plant foot.
Whereas the initial Lilith collection offered plenty of folky soft spots from the inaugural year, these new discs reflect the tougher, more diverse 1998 tour.
Avoid: Lemons with a darker yellow or dull color, or with hardened or shriveled skin, soft spots, mold, or punctures.
These "soft spots," called fontanels (fon-tuh-NELS), are actually made of tough but flexible cartilage.
As infants grow, bone formation closes several soft spots in the skull.
Penetration of the competitors, soft spots is obviously a good strategy.
Parents' fears about their babies' vulnerabilities often converge on their babies' soft spots. causing the protective parent to guard the area with body and soul.
Test your PC (personal capacity) by finding the soft spots in 1 ) the lead of a book review printed in a journal of Wall Street, and 2) the close of a Reuters dispatch:
You can observe any large blisters, rotted surfaces, low or high spots, and you can feel soft spots and water blisters underfoot.
The sacs might form when increased pressure acts on soft spots along the bowel wall, especially if the person has constipation problems or uses laxatives too often.