Acer saccharinum

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a common North American maple tree


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By contrast, the soft maple resource in these regions has relatively high cull rates.
Group 1 consisted of cherry, hard maple, hickory, soft maple, walnut, and yellow-poplar.
The soft maple sugar candy seems to be the most popular and is often formed into the shape of maple leaves.
Eastern hardwood sawtimber volume has nearly tripled between 1953 and 2011 with yellow-poplar, soft maple, ash, and cottonwood/aspen having the greatest increase.
Each of the eight corners are dovetailed and come assembled in nine different wood species including birch, cedar, cherry, mahogany, brown soft maple, red oak, walnut, white hard maple and white oak.
I have found that soft maple works good for making flowers, and birch for spoons and forks.
A: Both hard and soft maple, and a few other species, occasionally exhibit grain pattern variations that, when sawn into lumber, give us beautiful furniture woods.
For example, the energy consumed by the resaw for sawing soft maple on April 14 in Sawmill 1 is calculated as follows:
It has a density or hardness comparable to Appalachian soft maple.
This piece is made up of red brush, soft maple, elm, wild apple, hawthorn and "big tooth" aspen.
I learned to recognize cherry, ironwood, beech, ash, hard and soft maple, and the difference between gray, yellow, and paper birch.
At approximately the same time, consumer preference for products manufactured from hard and soft maple lumber increased, but the dramatic increase in lumber prices for soft maple occurred in 1990 and for hard maple in 1992 (Luppold and Bumgardner 2005, 2007).
The drawers and trays are offered in nine wood species including: birch, cedar, cherry, mahogany, brown soft maple, red oak, walnut, white hard maple, and white oak.