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capital and largest city of Bulgaria located in western Bulgaria

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Polish-born Sofija told police that she was approached from behind in Normanton, Derby, and hit over the head.
"Macedonia is everywhere we fight for her" stressed Boris Sarafov on the stage in Sofija, a motto based on pride and a sense of belonging of different generation of revolutionaries, activists, artists, people scattered all over the world, brave people from different eras who fought for the material and spiritual Macedonia cause.
Sofija said the text-based installation is a 3D short story collection with the painted lines delineating the boundaries between them.
Climb another flight of stairs and you will find A Yellow Tongue by Sofija Sutton, from New Hampshire, who explained that she was going to move to New York with her sister but then chose to come to Newcastle "for an adventure".
Sofija is in her final year of medical school, but she finds time to spend few hours here daily.
Sofija Bunardzic organised the 1st International Ceramic Colony in 1996 to revive traditional pottery making in Zlakusa and to introduce the craft to the world.
Six winter wheat varieties: Cipovka (1), Kantata (2), Jefimija (3), Dragana (4), Sofija (5), and Pobeda (6), were collected from two geographically close localities in northern Serbia (A: 19[degrees]467 East and 46[degrees]067 North at an altitude of 102 m and B: 20[degrees]287 East and 45[degrees]517 North at an altitude of 81 m).
Sofija Andjelic, (1) Xhevat Lumi, (1) Zoltan Vereb, (2) Natasha Josifovska, (2) Andrea Facsko, (2) Marko Hawlina, (1) and Goran Petrovski (2, 3)
Letters to Sofija: A Lithuanian Love Affair (2013) is based on the short, tragic life of under-recognized Lithuanian artist/composer Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis (1875-1911).
1 also had telephone conversations with Griskevicius's widow, Sofija Griskeviciene, and the first secretary of the Kaunas city party committee Kazimieras Lengvinas, as well as consulting Vytautas Astrauskas further by telephone.
The team (Steve Moody, Amirah Ismail, Megan Wong and Sofija Korac) is also responding to threats against civil society worldwide and advancing the rights of women, children, persons with disabilities and members of other vulnerable groups.
Angelina Banyte, Natalija Daskova, Sofija Veiveryte; 1978; 1981 SSRS valstybine premija uz tapyba; registrinis.
The sixth session, The Influence of Western Ideas, offered perspectives of transferring 19th and early 20th century western notions to Central and Southern European countries through educational practices, ideas, or concepts of feminism: Two Women Transferring Western Educational Practices to the Ottoman Greek System) (Katerina Dalakoura), Neither East Nor West: Zeyneb Hanoum, An Ottoman Woman without a Home (Senem Timuroglu), The refusal of Western Ideas Expressed by a Woman (Isidora Sekulic) (Sofija Nemet), East, West and the Concept of Feminism in Jelena Dimitrijevic's Prose (Magdalena Koch)
LEARNING TOGETHER: St Bartholomew's pupils (front, left-right) Karl Parnell, Chisai Zulu, Rochshai Atkinson, Angel Parnell, Amelia Conn, Sofija Pedcenko with teachers (back, left-right) Mariann Letnes, Sarah Clarkson (visiting from St Annes Pre-school in Coventry), Tracey Butler and Chris Palfrey (Forest School Leaders), Ingvild Olaussen, Mirjam Bergsland.