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someone who engages in anal copulation (especially a male who engages in anal copulation with another male)

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It is significant, nonetheless, that the commissioner and the inspector assumed that many of the men they arrested were involved in corrupting what they routinely called "young folk," who could evidently be turned into pederasts and therefore needed to be rescued from or at least protected against older sodomitical predators.
The emergence of gendered privacy and companionate domesticity--what we have come to call "heteronormativity"--required the consolidation of a position of autonomy from the courtly and pederastic, the effeminate and the sodomitical (a position that could nonetheless recuperate elements of the effeminacy and display it had disavowed) and accordingly depended on the relocation both in discursive and in concrete and specifically urban social spaces of a wide array of residual and resistant practices and their resignification as properties of "mollies.
This Catholic teaching is contrary to L/G's claim that "the Church's teaching is not (and never has been) that sodomitical acts.
This could easily be construed as a sodomitical doctrine embracing, as it does, sex without issue.
There are a particular Gang of Sodomitical Wretches in this Town, who call themselves the Mollies, and are so far degenerated from all masculine Deportment, or manly Exercises, that they rather fancy themselves Women, imitating all the little Vanities that Custom has reconcil'd to the female Sex, affecting to speak, walk, tattle, courtesy, cry, scold, and to mimick all manner of Effeminacy, that ever has fallen within their several Observations; not omitting the Indecencies of lewd Women, that they may tempt one another, by such immodest Freedoms, to commit those odious Beastialities, that ought for ever to be without a Name.
Michael Camille's essay, "The Pose of the Queer," presents Dante's comparatively moderate view of sodomitical desire through the mediation of marginal illustrations in Chantilly, Musee Conde MS 1424, fols.
Intercuts of an inmate reading a pornographic magazine open to sodomitical images confirm the phallocentric nature of Natale's aggression.
perform nonmarital orgasmic acts, including sodomitical
Rather than read, for example, the narrator as simply stopping his back-gazing blazoning of Leander's body as evidence of the narrator's refusal to champion consummation and sexual possessiveness, Bromley's evidence underscores how thoroughly Marlowe's poem teases (invigorates, even as it protests otherwise) with sodomitical texts and acts that repeatedly disrupt the consummative heteroerotic one.
As Keevak points out, any biographical reading of the Sonnets from the point of view of early modern culture inevitably reveals at least one sodomitical relationship, whether it be a same-sex physical relationship with the Young Man or an adulterous relationship with the Dark Lady.
By contrast, in The Turke it is not Mulleases who is the sodomitical figure; rather, it is the "catamite" (2.
Hammond introduces us to the passionate poetry of Nicholas Oldisworth, much of it obsessed with his friend Richard Bacon; the sodomitical pope in Barnabe Barnes's intriguing 1607 play The Divils Charter; and a whole host of highly anxious translations of classical writers, especially Theocritus.
But Caballus thinks this crime is graver than Sodomy properly so called, by reason of the abuse of a nobler member than in Sodomitical crime; as the mouth is a nobler organ than the anus.
DiGangi argues that a historical approach to premodern sexuality must acknowledge that homoerotic relations "could be socially orderly as well as socially disorderly or sodomitical," and that the prevalence of sodomy as a critical paradigm in Marlowe studies "depends upon certain problematic, and anachronistic, assumptions about homosexuality" (195).
Such a marriage might even be considered sodomitical.