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someone who engages in anal copulation (especially a male who engages in anal copulation with another male)

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(23) Reinforcing these allusive values in Marlowe's tragedy was the godly Protestant tendency to label as sodomitical the titillation presumed to be provoked within male playgoers by seeing boys dressed in women's clothing flirting with male characters and hearing them utter obscene jests.
Janet Halley argues that the Bowers Court shuttled between acts rhetoric and identity rhetoric to superordinate heterosexuality, subordinate homosexuality, and ultimately to conceal the (sodomitical) sex of heterosexuality, to conceal heterosexuality as a social marker, because power resides in invisibility, in not being marked.
As Osvaldo Bazan has pointed out, Spanish colonial writing also coded the indigenous as sodomitical, and while the indigenous undoubtedly did engage in sexual practices that Europeans would have recognized as sodomy--as the conquistadors, unaccompanied by women as they were, most likely did as well--what is at stake is the underlying anxiety provoked in the writers themselves.
instead...the sodomitical (il)logic of the primal scene that comes
Rather, the argument is this: (1) a bodily act--any bodily act--can foster a friendship only by enabling the friends jointly to realize a genuine basic good; (2) a sexual act does not realize a basic good except by actualizing a biological union that is part of (consummates or actualizes) a procreative union (marriage); (3) sodomitical acts (including homosexual acts) cannot actualize a biological union and do not necessarily involve a procreative union that could be embodied.
When Carson incredulously queried, "A well written book putting forth sodomitical views might be a good book?, " Wilde insisted, No work of art ever puts forward views of any kind.
Women are called into the circle perhaps in order to underline the gender transgression that is implied by the sodomitical accusation.
Second, in the absence of such precedent, military interests previously used to support the application of Article 125 under the third prong of the Marcum analysis would not provide such support where separately punishable circumstances surrounding the sodomitical conduct are absent.
Since grammarians should be the ones most aware of the grave implications of linguistic deviation, anyone who tolerated deviations, including the innovations that languages ordinarily generate, could be accused of sodomitical sympathies.
For Freud, Fliess became a plagiarizing, sodomitical specter that had to be expelled and differentiated in order for his masculine identity to emerge.
All is ultimately quietened to a 'rhetoric of sodomitical silence' (p.
(37) Kane and Brenton's thematic use of sodomitical images echoes the term's polysemantic properties in the early modern period.
One of the most entertaining of the latter was Pruritanus (1609) (here the sodomitical allusion most definitely was intended), a collection of scandalous anecdotes about leading post-Reformation figures which almost caused a diplomatic breach between England and Venice in 1609, as copies of it were found at the Venetian embassy in London.
(15) Even if we stop short of affirming (as Sturges does) that the Pardoner's depiction implies 'the receptive sodomitical role he plays with the Summoner' (16) or (as Dolores Frese asserts) that the Pardoner 'might conceivably be the Summoner's own sexual servant', (17) we can acknowledge that their relationship makes itself available for consideration by readers interested in versions of queer identity from the past.
On another front, Cosimo's relentless persecution of sodomitical acts also led Cellini to defy him openly.