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someone who engages in anal copulation (especially a male who engages in anal copulation with another male)

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A comparison of the Roman passage with the sins of the Sodomites reveals distinct similarities:
In 1495, Michele de Cuneo, the first documented rapist in the New World, reported that both the good "Indians" and the alleged man-eating Caribs were "largely sodomites," and both practiced that vice as if they were unaware of its sinfulness.
No matter how vividly or how vilely some sodomites are identified, this suggests, others are lurking in the guise of friends, merchants, or even clergymen to threaten and undermine the bonds by which hegemonic culture is structured.
It interprets the early modern Spanish prosecution of sodomites, in the peninsula and in New Spain, as the result of the danger Spaniards thought sodomy posed to their concept of the New Spanish Man (vir) which, the author alleges but fails to document, empire brought with it.
A long chapter on "Politics and 'Sodomy'" investigates various renderings of the notorious sodomy of Edward II and Piers Gaveston (though not the Marlowe play), James I and the duke of Buckingham (including a remarkable 1655 play by Francis Osborne entitled The True Tragicomedy), and, more unusually, the later seventeenth-century sodomites du jour Titus Oates and William Ill.
For the rest of Western history, as Fone demonstrates in great detail, sodomites would be feared and viewed as vermin and destroyers of all that is good: the social order, family life, masculinity, and femininity.
External to the linguistic aid with which Proust advances the indetermination of the space of simulation within the work itself, the maneuvers of the Sodomites in society at large prove them to have garnered inordinate expertise in effacing the threshold delineating facticity and artifice in commanding the semiological chains of society.
Its teachings say that homosexuality is a sin yet it welcomes practising sodomites into its pews - but bans them from being priests.
Addressed to Pope Leo IX, the book seeks to convince him of the need to weed out Sodomites from the ranks of the clergy, though at times he seems to suggest that it might be too late.
2) The logic of the etymology, of course, is that the men of Sodom as described in Genesis 19 were indeed sodomites.
Sexual acts attributed to the Sodomites gave the city's name to the contemporary term sodomy.
The Sodomites violate the sacred law of hospitality and give themselves over to depravity of homosexual mob rape.
But straights who march with queers, lezzies, and sodomites must risk being mistaken for one of them.
In the event that lust is virtually ungovernable, heterosexual sodomites can take Highway 2 through northern Idaho, a matter of some fifty chaste miles, before arriving in the comparative safety of Montana.
They hate God and want to let the Sodomites queer our country.