sodium-vapor lamp

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lamp in which an electric current passed through a tube of sodium vapor makes a yellow light

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Tenders are invited for Replacement of sodium vapor lamp mercury vapor lamp with CFL 65 Watt.
Tenders are invited for Purchasing of Sodium vapor Lamps (Bulbs) in W.
The 400 watt sodium vapor lamps were installed before.
Supply of projectors with sodium vapor lamps & other (Albani) projectors.
They are still the most widely used lamp within Arlington County although the county has a program to replace these with more efficient sodium vapor lamps.
Contract award notice:Supply of electric lamps for public and indoor lighting Sodium vapor lamps (high and low pressure) Metal halide lamps Fluorescent tubes Primers, ballasts, electronic ballasts and LED drivers Capacitors for discharge lamps Specific and various articles on catalog.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) projectors with 150 & 250 watt sodium vapor lamps, also of other projectors with 250 watt sodium vapor lamps for public lighting, also (b) single and double arm public lighting rods.