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a silvery soft waxy metallic element of the alkali metal group

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Several types of toothpaste are sold in Pakistani market including local as well as imported brands having a varying amount of fluoride in the form of sodium monofluorophosphate (MFP) and sodium fluoride.
Sodium monofluorophosphate and sodium fluoride in non-herbal toothpastes were effective caries-preventive agents.
Flushing of oral cavity was done once daily for 7 days using Chlorhexidine gluconate, Triclosan and Sodium monofluorophosphate mouth rinse solution (Rexidin plus (c)).
the anticaries effect of the formulation, a compatible fluoride form was developed: sodium monofluorophosphate salt.
Toothpastes containing sodium monofluorophosphate have been shown to be effective in managing dentinal hypersensitivity.
Fluoride toothpastes contain something called sodium monofluorophosphate, which is a cousin to some potent nerve agents once considered for chemical warfare.
The patient was started on a bisphosphonate (risedronate) at 30 mg twice weekly plus a daily calcium supplement with vitamin D, 1,000 IU of vitamin D3, and sodium monofluorophosphate. In addition, he was referred for nutritional counseling to address his metabolic factors.