sodium-vapour lamp

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lamp in which an electric current passed through a tube of sodium vapor makes a yellow light

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High-pressure sodium lamps have also been developed that can start on the mercury vapor ballasts using either an internal ignition aid, such as a glow bottle and resistor that generates a high voltage pulse in the ballast secondary winding, or by the use of a neon-argon penning mixture and starting antenna that together result in a suitably low breakdown voltage for lamps to reliably start (Richardson 1975).
Maintaining good color recognition from high-pressure sodium lamps, Bullough says, can be achieved by using at least 3 footcandles of illumination.
If the council goes ahead and installs a new orange sodium lamp, I believe my human rights will be infringed.
The new fixtures, which include T-5 fluorescent lamps, will replace high-pressure sodium lamp fixtures that have been operating around the clock Reportedly more efficient, the T-5s consume about 20% less electricity and can be turned off automatically when not in use.
Motta reacted immediately, and by getting only six neighbors to sign a petition he got the local power company to install a fully shielded, high-pressure sodium lamp.
But having necked the maximum permitted dose of said painkillers my shoulder was still throbbing like an over-charged sodium lamp and it was back to A&E.
When asked to demonstrate comet hunting, I sat beside Minerva and began methodically sweeping the western sky, picking up several rich star fields, a Messier object, and a bright sodium lamp.
You could easily replace them with one 35-watt, high-pressure sodium lamp with a lumen rating of 2150.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Sodium lamp on DGSandD rate.
Two tenders for the supply of (a) streets lighting projectors with 150 watt sodium lamp, also (b) 10 to 80 Amp.
A cost for metal halide lamps is not available from Virginia Power, but a metal halide lamp is less efficient than a high pressure sodium lamp.
Two tenders for the erection of (a) sodium lamp with related accessories, also (b) supply of other public lighting requisites.
Even though the efficacy for a high pressure sodium lamp is higher (140 lumens per watt compared to 110 lumens per watt for metal halide), the metal halide lamp is more efficient because it has a smaller arc tube so a higher percentage of the light is transferred onto the playing surface.