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abnormally low level of sodium in the blood

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Nausea and fatigue are among the signs of sodium deficiency. And because brain cells are especially vulnerable to an unhealthy ratio of fluid to sodium, headaches and feelings of disorientation are common signs of hyponatremia.
[4] Rapid treatment of pulmonary edema and the replacement of sodium deficiency is vital.
Thus, both excessive sodium intake and sodium deficiency can have deleterious consequences.
Although rare, sodium deficiency can also be a health concern.
The key to the pathophysiology, signs, symptoms, and treatment of SIADH is understanding that the hyponatremia is a result of excess water and not a sodium deficiency. Hyponatremia's signs and symptoms primarily are related to CNS dysfunction and correlate with how rapidly and severely the condition develops.
Hyponatraemia, or more specifically, exercise-associated hyponatraemia (EAH) may be attributed to the combined effects of overhydration and sodium deficiency (Noakes & Speedy, 2000).